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Tablets: Communication, Entertainment, Productivity, and Mobility Rendered

Bigger than smartphones and phablets , these devices are on the rise--in number and in popularity. These are the gadget of choice for those looking for a more immersive entertainment and mobile media experience with some of them capable of laptop-like productivity. They are considered the next iteration and evolution of the classic form factor of traditional laptops. These very mobile devices entirely replaced the netbook as an alternative to the laptop and are slowly becoming the go to gadget for web browsing, eBook reading, and other media.

Ranging from 7 up to 10 inches, these very portable devices are able to offer you very good experience when watching HD videos (TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, etc.), browsing through your favorite magazines, and playing your favorite games. The face of the modern tablet was created by Apple when the company introduced the original iPad back in 2010. Going forward bigger sized slates tend to come with a slightly higher price tag than their smaller screened counterparts but they tend to come with more features including software which can usually be found on laptops. Most major laptop and smartphone manufacturers has their own line of slates most notably Samsung, which has , since the explosion of the tablet market, has developed and built a sizeable lineup of devices. Some of them even optimize their slate to be compatible with their smartphones, and other consumer electronic products. Most of them comes with NFC connectivity which will let you use them as (universal) remote control and even as a gaming controller in some cases.

You'll easily find slates from top consumer electronic brands such as Acer, Archos, ASUS, Coby, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Velocity, and many more. They also come with different operating systems such as iOS, Windows (RT, 8, 8.1, and soon 10), Android, and Tizen. Though tablets can be classified according to their display size, it is easier to distinguish devices based on the operating system they are running. This will also help you decide which one has features and abilities that will best meet your needs along with other important information such as built-in internal storage, connectivity (4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc.), etc.

Windows Slates: Familiar and Gets the Work Done

Considered as among the best for productivity, the biggest draw of products running this OS is familiarity (provided you use Microsoft running laptops and PCs). They run similar softwares, applications, and has the same interface (the live tile which is also present in their smartphones) as their PCs and notebooks. They come preinstalled with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) and they are the go to device if you want to get things done. Microsoft's Surface line is considered to be the company's best PC to date, amidst its tablet form (the series is comprised of hybrid tablets that can be turned into a laptop). Aside from being devices that gets the work done, they also come with a built-in music-streaming service is great and has rich support for movies and TV shows. Their app store, however, is still playing catch-up with the Android and iOS running slates, but it has significantly improved since it was first launched.

Amazon's Fire Series: The Best for Media Consumption

Evolving from the company's highly successful line of eBook readers, the series runs a forked version of the Google OS, the Fire OS. The device starts with the Google based OS but added a plethora of cloud services, a content-forward user interface, built-in media libraries, productivity apps, and low-level platform enhancements to integrate the company's digital content and improve performance for the line. Products in this line boasts of an enhanced, content-first home screen that allows users to easily switch between viewing their recent content and apps in Carousel View or favorites in Grid View. Users of these devices also benefit from having access to all the latest special offers, discounts, and Kindle-exclusive deals. You also get to access the brand's very own streaming service for videos and music.

Android: Versatile, Open, and Very Accessible

The most popular and still fastest growing OS in the tablet market, the system is very customizable allowing devices in this line to specialize on certain features such as gaming, entertainment, and many more. Expect to receive regular updates and extensive features on this platform along with a more extensive selection of applications from the Google Play Store. This is the platform of the best pure gaming slates (considered to be Nvidia's Shield line), and Samsung's feature rich, Stylus supported Note and Tab series. The platform is very accessible even to local manufacturers, and has a product for literally every price range.

iPads: The Complete Package

When it comes to form factor, design aesthetics, and overall performance, Apple's line of premium priced tablets still reign supreme. These devices thrive mainly because of their deep media ecosystem that allows for sharing across devices, the biggest app store, and a very clean (uncluttered), and very user friendly interface. The iOS is arguably the most tablet-optimized operating system in the market right now. These devices deliver better performance and battery life in a very beautiful, almost impossible thin package. Their cameras are also top of the line even though cameras are not really a slates main feature. The line also keeps improving with every generation, in terms of design, functionality, and overall performance. This is the line that popularized and brought about the rise of tablets and it comes as no surprise why. Their mini and full sized versions are the best in the market, you just have to be prepared to pay extra for them.

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