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Long before the Walkman (cassette tape edition), superstar DJs, Beats, and iPods, headphones had nothing to do with music. So how did they evolved into being constant companions of our smartphones and MP3 players? The device's earliest form were designed for use by telephone operators. The very first one was a single earpiece that rested on the operator's shoulder and weighed a little over 10 pounds, that's like lifting weights at your local gym, so unlike the modern ones which are light as a feather with some so small you could lose them in your ear canal. The first "modern earphones" were developed in 1910 in a kitchen by guy who never bothered to apply for patent and sold his design to the US Navy. The device eventually hit the market in 1937 when Beyerdynamic introduced the first set of portable headsets. 1949 saw the arrival of AKG's first pair of headphones that would fit right into today's Urban Outfitter's store or Marshall's line of retro chic headset.

The game changing set did not appear until 1958 when John C. Koss launched the first stereo headphones and since then, many models introduced breakthroughs and integrated improvements that led to today's state of the art units--including the 80's earbud and in-ear headphones which were developed for people prone to headphone hair, Sony's neckband set, and Bose's QuietComfort line.

Forms and Styles

Not everybody feels comfortable wearing helicopter pilot sized headphones, others prefer the flexibility of having in-ear phones that can be used while doing sports and other physical activities. We've rounded up some of the major form factors to help you decide which one will suit you and your needs best:

Earbud Earphones aka In-ear Headphones

This type is very common these days and they even come free with some MP3 players and even some smartphones. They are tiny enough to fit inside the ear canal , with some models coming with clips for a more secured fit (good for sports and other activities requiring more freedom to move around). They are very compact, lightweight, and most models come with a microphone and track navigation controls built into the wire (provided they aren't wireless earphones). Depending on the brand and the type, they are capable of moderate to excellent isolation from external noise without interfering your style (hair, accessories glasses, hats, etc.).

On-ear Headphones aka Supra-Aural, Open-backed, Semi-Open, Closed-Back, Earpad

These are the in-between type, they rest just on top of your outer ears and depending on model, they can offer total sound isolation and noise-cancellation to simply providing nice, ambient sound while still allowing you to hear the outside world. They are comfortable, less prone to overheating your ears or hurting it like the full-sized ones and they are easy to store and carry around thanks to their folding design. Like all other types, they may come with or wire or have a wireless design.

Full-Sized Headphones aka Circumaural, Closed-Back, Earcup, and Over-the-Ear

No longer limited to DJs, recording artists, and film and studio crew, over-the-ear sets can offer some of the best acoustic isolation. Though they are mostly bulky and not as portable as the other types, Dr. Dre's Monster full size, as well as Sennheiser's circumaural lines are making them mainstream. They offer the potential for maximum bass and loudness levels while their earcups create larger soundstage and makes their surround-sound feature effectively block external noises and seals music in.

Wireless Headphones

If mess wires that tangles most of the time isn't your thing, then maybe a pair of wireless headphones are for you. They come in all shapes (over ear, in-ear, and on-ear) and they are capable of producing reasonable auxiliary device for workouts and portable use. However, they need charging to function so you have to make sure that they are fully charged whenever you will be using them for extended hours.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These earphones creates anti noise and significantly reduce outside noise without having to crank up the volume. They are very ideal for people who does not want to be disturbed or during travels.

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