Acer Laptops: Best prices in Malaysia (26 Items found)

Get great quality for a great price with an Acer laptop


The laptop market has proved to be extremely lucrative because of overwhelming positive responses in the global market. Cashing in on such responses, many firms and manufacturers have tried their luck in the highly potential laptop business. Acer is one of the most aggressive market players when it comes to laptop computers. Acer have hit the laptop market within a short time, with an offering of affordable yet capable laptops, that satisfy the customers demands. Below is a brief overview of Acer laptops including features, prices, pros, and cons.


A variety of Acer laptops to choose from


Acer laptops boast of reliable Intel processors with an impressive performance. Their features are perfectly suited for the professional. Most of these laptops, such as Acer Olympic series and Acer Aspire Timeline series, come with dual core processors. Not only will you have a bigger memory, but also a top-of-the-line graphics card to assist with presentations, video and picture editing. When it comes to being mobile, Travelmate series is mostly geared towards professionals and entrepreneurs, especially those who do a lot of travelling. They are fully equipped with both a port for wired Ethernet as well as a wireless adapter. In addition, they come with a PC card slot and multiple USB ports where you can utilize your external devices.


Whenever you think about purchasing a laptop, there are two main things that strike you: the cost of the laptop, and the quality. With Acer laptops, you will be certain to get both. Acer laptop prices in Malaysia are quite affordable, and are competetivly priced against the competition. After its unveiling in 1976, it was only until the year 2000 when Acer focused on producing highly affordable laptops.


Finding the best price for an Acer laptop


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