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Buy Canon EOS 100D Kit 18-55mm online: Best Prices available in Malaysia

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New era of DSLR

DSLR�s were always about big and bulky cameras which not everybody prefer to carry it everywhere. Canon introduces the EOS 100D which will change your mind about DSLR cameras and let you leave your compact camera at home and use a DSLR camera.

Small packed DSLR

This new DSLR camera may sit between the EOS M class and a classic DSLR camera. With only 400 grams, it is quite light to carry around. Basically EOS 100D use the same sensor size as the EOS 650D, a 18 megapixels APS-C size sensor with Digic 5 to make sure its quality is up to Canon standards. You will not lose any classic DSLR quality in this mini version DSLR.

Useful features for entry level camera

Canon put lots of creative filters on the camera, so you can edit your picture directly and apply filters like monochrome (changing to black and white photo), miniature (give tilt-and-shift effect) or fish-eye (wide-angle photo with strong distortion). This camera can also capture Full-HD (1920x1080) movies so you will not lose any details of your life-precious moments.
The EOS 100D is compatible with Canon EF, EF-S and L-series lenses which gives you a wide-range of choice for this mini DSLR camera. This should be great addition for those who are looking for small DSLR camera.
Specifications / Details
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