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Canon is a brand which has grown with us over the years and has become a well known and trusted brand and it all started with a camera prototype in 1934. Although this camera was not released publicly, it shaped the company into what we know today. The company, originally Precision Optical Industry Ltd., created their first camera called the Kwanon, named after the buddhist goddess of mercy. This name eventually evolved into Canon and the company followed suite and became Canon Inc.   Nowadays, the Japanese company makes much more than just cameras. They currently hold a 20% share of the printer and copiers and also produce a wide range of office and consumer electronics including calculators, video recording, computers and medical imaging equipment. Cameras however were their original product and ultimately one of their best. From the first Kwanon, they now produce 100s of different models for all levels of photographers. Their point-and-shoots are perfect for the casual weekend snappers or the travelling 20 somethings. Their range of DSLRs cover all bases from the amature just starting off to the seasoned professional photographers. Their range of video cameras are also of a high standard with their professional range often being used on TV and film sets.

Canon Cameras

Point and Shoot with Ease


If you are just entering the world of photography, point and shoots are the perfect choice. As their name suggests taking a high quality picture is as easy as...pointing and shooting. Images will appear on the screen prior to the picture being taken so you can set everything up and know exactly what the image will be like once it’s taken, then you can review and/or delete instantly. This concept has been around since the late 80’s however, as usual, Canon are at the forefront and have taken their compact series to a standard which sets the mark for competitors like Nikon and Olympus. Quite often with point-and-shoots they are very compact and light making them perfect to put in your pocket or in your bag. Specs of these devices are also increasing with their latest ranges offering up to 18MP creating perfectly clear images which can be enlarged and still retain their quality. Their range also offer a variety of different zooms starting at 4x and all the way up to 30x on some of the higher end models. These foolproof snappers are also perfect for children and the clumsy amongst us. Similar to other brands like Sony cameras, Canon have introduced a durable, waterproof range which can be dropped, or drowned and still work perfectly. This also opens up much more possibility for shots, now you can capture water sports or underwater scenes with ease.

Canon Cameras

The Original and the Best of Canon Cameras


While compact cameras allow ease use and durability, they lack in settings and manual control over the shot, for this the perfect camera is a digital single lense reflex, or a DSLR. These models were first introduced way back in 1884 and for almost a century were the main or only camera available. Their function is based on an internal mirror reflective system (hence the ‘reflex’) which allows the user to see the exact image captured through the viewfinder. Cameras with a separate viewfinder give an idea of what the image will be but often what is seen is quite different than the final result. In a DSLR (or just SLR prior to the digital) the viewfinder is connected to the lense and shows the same image, this makes it the perfect choice for those keen on photography.   Another quality that sets the DSLR apart from the compact range is the options of interchangeable lenses. Often you have the ability to change the lenses depending on what you’re shooting whether it be wide angle landscapes or macro insect and flowers, theres a Canon lens for everything. Generally these higher end cameras allow a lot more freedom in the settings with manual controls. For those just starting out there are entry level DSLRs like the EOS Rebel SL1 which offers amateurs high quality manual options while withholding the more complex controls which often remain unused and thus removing the confusion. On the other end of the scale, the EOS 5D Mark III is one of the best Canon cameras for professionals on the market. It features a host of manual controls including aperture control, so that you can perfectly capture every moment.


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From its beginnings in Japan, Canon has worked hard and invested billions into research and design to ensure that the product they deliver to consumers and professionals alike, is of an industry leading quality. It is this strive for perfection has resulted in an amazing range of camera models with a device for every capability and every function. But how do you know what camera will be right for you? There are 100’s to choose from and even more places to buy online. Well, don’t panic, Price Panda can help. Selecting and buying the right camera doesn’t have to be hard. We have done the hard work for you and collected all the best Canon models from the most trusted stores around Malaysia. On the one site you can read expert and user reviews, detailed product descriptions, compare models and prices and securely pay for your new purchase. Even if you know what model you want, look it up and make sure you’re getting the best price.