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Rock, much more than a music genre

Rock is a musical genre usually played with several instruments, but mostly guitar, bass and battery, sometimes a piano or organ is also added. The primitive rock comes from several influences like blues, rhythm and blues, country, gospel, jazz and folk. All of them combines in a simple musical structure creating a fast, danceable and catchy music.

Rock is majorly focus on the electric guitar, and the lyrics are mostly based in romantic love, but has a wider range and also criticizes the social and political environment. Rock is mainly known for the emphasis in the lyrics composition, live actuation and the authenticity.

We could say that Rock music roots started in 1954, when Elvis Presley recorded the first rock song “That’s all right Mama”, so many years have gone by passing through different styles like the black rock, surf rock, with the Beach Boys as leaders, instrumental rock, and also The Beatles, around the 60’s when the British rock invasion started.

Rock evolution

With the years Rock music has kept evolving and adapting to new times and sounds, changing every few years until know, that the best rock bands can go from Rock Indie, New wave, hard rock or pop rock... Between them we have The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Oasis, Coldplay and so many new ones, but we still have rock legends alive like The Rolling Stones or AC/DC. Rock is not a few people music, but has a broad spectrum of types for everyone.

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