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Atlus – Developing popular games for various gaming consoles


Atlus is a Japanese company that develops, produces and markets video games and computer games. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company is the developer of the world-renowned role-playing game franchise called Megami Tensei. The surgical simulation game as well as visual novel franchise called Trauma Center is also developed by Atlus. The first novel of the Megami Tensei franchise was published by Namco, but the consequent two versions were published by Atlus.


The popular games from Atlus


Atlus developed a lot of games including The Karate Kid for LJN on the Nintendo and Dungeon Explorer for Hudson Soft. Atlus developed games based on the role-playing, strategy and simulation genres. Titles that were released in the USA include Tactics Ogre, Kunio-kun, Riviera: The Promised Land, etc. Atlus games were released for gaming consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii and GameBoy.


The company has a website where Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing games can be played online. There are very game titles to choose from in Atlus Online. Users only need to register to play the MMORPGs. Games can also be downloaded and played. This online division of Atlus has become a very popular portal for gamers worldwide.


The Pandora Saga Atlus Online is a MMORPG which has become widely popular among online gamers throughout the world. It is a 3D fantasy MMORPG where characters are set in a fantasy-based medieval environment. Users can choose from 6 different races and participate in wars against other players. Pandora Saga Atlus game can be played by visiting the Atlus Online webpage and choosing the Pandora Saga option.


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