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Apple MacBook Air 11"

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Apple MacBook Air 11"

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  • Longer battery life
    written on 14/01/2014
    With this new MacBook Air, the Californian company focused more on the battery life, to make it more durable: the MacBook Air can run 9 hours on a single charge compared to 5 hours of the 2012 version.
    The new device doesn't bring any new from the aesthetic, the only exception is a little hole on the side of it: is the second microphone. An impercettible change that makes a big difference!

Apple Macbook Air 11": A Technological Icon

The new MacBook Air is the latest offer from Apple and provides a thin, lightweight alternative to common laptop style devices on the market. The computer perfectly combines a great performance and portability, giving the user a chance to work and play on the go. Great to look at and offering even more features than its predecessor, the Air 11" is another giant leap in portable notebook technology. Since the release of the first MacBook in 2008, the series has developed and grown providing even greater usability and vastly improved high definition video to users. The Air 11" presents another step forward in the development of the series and is arguably the most impressive portable laptop device ever offered by Apple.


Exceeding ExSPECStations

Famed for its sleek, wafer thin design the MacBook looks really great. The product has been well finished with high quality materials used throughout, and is particularly impressive while folded shut with the aluminium covering and simple colouring creating a smart, contemporary look. The Air is an understated and incredibly portable device. At 7.56 by 0.68 inches it folds neatly into most laptop bags and backpacks. Good for using on the move the Air is an inconspicuous work mate that also offers great reliability and high end specs.

In spite of its relatively small size, the MacBooks screen really pops. Boasting a glossy 1366 x 768 pixel display and supported by the impressive Intel graphics 4000 processor it's perfect for video playback, gaming, presentations and picture review. The device also offers Face Time capabilities with the small powerful monitor providing excellent clarity and picture definition.

Perhaps, the most impressive aspect of this notebook of Apple is incredible processing capabilities and high level storage capacity. With 2GB of upgradable memory coming equipped as standard and around 128/256GB of secondary memory capacity the device is powerful enough to fulfil all your storage needs. Furthermore the Intel Dual Core i5 processor makes light work of office applications, web browsing and video streaming, performing quickly and consistently.

Users of this portable laptop value a long and reliable battery life over almost anything. Working on the go without the opportunity to plug in means the MacBook has to offer consistent performance that won’t let you down. The Lithium-Ion polymer battery provides you 1000 hour battery cycle count and has the capacity to keep on going for hours, so you don't need to worry about the Air failing during use.


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