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A brand new iPhone! The iPhone 5C!

The brand new product in Apple’s line, the long rumoured iPhone 5c is now official! It has been announced during the special event held on the 10th of September, when Apple claimed that they have developed and designed a brand new iPhone that will be more affordable for everybody. The Apple iPhone 5c is made out of plastic and this is the main reason why it will come with a very attractive price. The whole device has a big 4 inch display, with Retina resolution and the plastic back of the device comes in 5 different color options: green, pink, yellow, blue and white. This iPhone 5C is Apple’s effort to expand into the market of budget conscious consumers and teenagers wanting everything about the original iPhone 5C but at a more affordable price.

iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c green

Hardware and Apple iPhone 5c colors

The new smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 5C has a 4 inch Retina display on the front and closely looks like previous iPhones. The iSight camera meant for video conference calls is present on the new iPhone 5c. The main difference in the Apple iPhone 5c is that is made from a piece of polycarbonate plastic that encases the whole iPhone 5C. The Apple iPhone 5c is available at five colors that will surely provide the users with some personalized choices. At the back of the device you have the camera lens and the usual Apple logo at the centre of the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5c features and iPhone 5c specs

Talking about the iPhone 5c features and iPhone 5c specifications, we have surely mention the camera. It is an 8 megapixel one capable of shooting great videos and taking great pictures. This camera is actually as good as the camera on previous versions of the iPhone, like the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s. Apple has decided to put a 4 inch Retina display on the affordable iPhone 5c and the pixel density and the great resolution make everything on the screen pop in live colors, with great image quality and reproduction.

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iOS 7 iPhone 5c

iOS 7 on the iPhone 5c

On the Apple Event, it was announced and then confirmed that Apple will be offering the iPhone 5c with iOS 7, the company’s latest version of their own operating system. This means that potential buyers of the iPhone 5c will be getting all the fun and useful features of the new operating system, like command centre, notification center and all the crazy colors that Apple has placed within iOS 7! Also a free version of the iWork productivity apps will be bundled with every iOS 7 device, so with your new iPhone 5C as well!

iPhone 5c Price in Malaysia

The main reason why the whole tech world is excited about the iPhone 5c is its expected price, beside the iPhone 5c specs. Apple has claimed that the iPhone 5c price in Malaysia will be a cheaper and more affordable option than the iPhone 5s, so that anyone can actually afford an iPhone device. In the home US market, Apple will sell the iPhone 5c for $99 and $199 for the 16GB and 32GB models on a two year contract. We’ll keep you updated on the iPhone 5c price in Malaysia and inform you when it will be released in the country! Get the best iPhone 5c price in Malaysia here!

Specifications / Details
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