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The most dubious launch from Apple, the iPhone 5C, is stated as a budget smartphone. In reality the price is definitely lower but the features for which everyone loves the iPhone for are still present. It comes with the latest iOS 7, an 8MP camera for making great photos and all the advantages of the AppStore.

Despite the fact that the chassis is plastic, the device looks good and bright. Five color options (pink, blue, yellow, green and neutral white) can be expanded through the variety of cases. All these make the smartphone a perfect option for younger and creative people.

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The iPhone 5c: Best for Budget

iphone 5c price

Along the years numerous rumors have surfaced online and offline about Apple designing an iPhone at a cheaper price tag aimed at budget-conscious consumers. In September 2013 the company announced, for the first time, not one but two new versions for its yearly refresh: the 5s and the 5c which simultaneously replaced the iPhone 5 and 4 as the high end and low end models, with the 4s getting a hefty price cut in order to sell the remaining stock quickly. This phone is more affordable than the 5s and has a different design: a plastic smartphone equipped with a big 4-inch display with a Retina resolution. When you buy your iPhone, you are able to personalize it by choosing the color you want between 5 different color options: the pink one is perfect for young girls, yellow, blue, green a good choice for everyone and finally the white version is the perfect choice for those who are just deeply in love with the original 4s in white. It remains to be seen if this two handsets a year pattern repeats this year when the new iPhone 6 is announced. The price of 5c is cheaper than the other and is designed for the market of low-budget consumers, teenagers and people who want everything about the original iPhone but at a more affordable price. The features of the it are therefore not exactly the same as in the 5s.

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"iPhone 5s' little brother" design: enjoy the color

Like the previous version of the smartphone, it has a 4 inch Retina display. The main difference with the previous version comes from the fashion design. This iPhone 5c is build in different part of plastic instead of aluminium, and you can choose between 5 colors to build your mobile phone. Moreover, take an advantage of colorful cases and change the image of your device and your own style every day!

Specs: the best from Apple

If you decide to buy this iPhone, you will not regret your decision. You will take advantage of a high quality camera with a 8 mega pixels resolution very useful to capture great videos or nice pictures. The camera is as good as the camera of its predecessors, the 4th generation smartphones. With a 4 inch retina display you will enjoy a great resolution and high pixel density to display very good quality images. Video recording also rises the occasion: 1080p HD is really worth the mention. So, if remember the price list of 5c series, you definitely win with this purchase by getting almost all of the features at a high standard such as photo, video and many more with the well loved AppStore. Furthermore, all the advantages of iOS 7 are available. Simple and intuitive, full of new advanced features like Control Center and AirDrop, new operating system is capable to satisfy all your needs. Be sure, it has enough power.

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Get the best price in Malaysia

For the first time in the Apple’s history, we can take advantage of the iPhone at a more affordable price. That’s one of the reasons why we are very excited to present it to you. The 5c price is way lower than the S-series devices and you will still get some of its premium specs. Finally, if you’re a fan of color and wide range of customization or just search for a presentable but not boring gift, a new Apple product is a perfectly choice. Here, always at PricePanda, you can make a quick comparison between the prices, check for reviews, offered at different online outlets and pick up the best deal on the Malaysia market for this item.

Specification and Features list

  • Processor: Apple A6
  • RAM Memory: 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB/16GB/32GB
  • Rear Camera: 8 mega-pixels
  • Front Camera: 1.2 mega-pixels
  • Operating System: iOS 7.1.1
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