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Network Standard: 3G | Size: 3.5" | Display Resolution: 640 x 960 Pixels | Display Type: LED | Operating System: iOS 4 | Processor: Apple A4 |
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  • Hail Apple
    written on 29/08/2014
    although this model is really starting to get the stereotype of everyone's favorite suburban go-to mobile, now that the price has dropped and i have been able to afford it i can finally see the appeal. i used to really sneer at apple (i loved android, but now i see that was mainly because of the price)- but you know what it just works. its smooth, its fast, its the most intuitive OS i've ever used. maybe i should start checking out the macbooks too...
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 Windy Puspita PricePanda Product Quality Expert : 

Apple products are renowned for being everyone's ideal gadget. The 4th generation is one of the most popular examples of it's famous squared form, and large touch capacitive screen. Along with the iconic design the iPhone still offers the specs and features that stand up in competition with some of the latest, up-to-date rivals’ smartphones.

The 3.5 inch screen with stable 326ppi pixel density is the traditional and classic size for a smartphone, before the recent trend towards oversized screens. Choose between 16/32GB internal storage to suit your needs and your digital libraries. Make the most of all those incredible opportunities of App Store and iTunes, all at your fingertips. For the most portable and fashionable device on the market, the iPhone 4 is a great choice, especially if you don't want to pay such a high price for your new iDevice. Do not miss your chance, as soon Apple will stop producing these phones to make way for their newer but pricier smartphones!

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First released in June of 2012, Apple's iPhone 4 is a 3G (touch screen)smartphone that is essentially the 4th generation of iPhone series. It is direct descendent of the now available iPhone 4S. The biggest and most recognized feature of this iPhone is its ability to carry out video calling; officially the function is known as FaceTime. Other interesting features include the phone's ability to easily consume a wide variety of media like books, movies, music, games, etc., as well as its drastically different design.
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The iPhone is a direct successor to the iPhone 3GS. In addition to being graced with a new design, the phone has been given quite a few technical and functional improvements as well. When first revealed, after much speculation and wait, the fourth generation iPhone took the smartphone world by a storm. It was immediately tagged the best iPhone so far and even after subsequent releases, the fourth generation iPhone has managed to stay a landmark Apple smartphone thanks to its new design and features.

How is it Different from its Predecessors?

The most notable difference between the fourth generation iPhone and its predecessors is the design. This gadget has been given a complete design overhaul and now includes an non-insulated stainless steel frame that works as the device's antenna. The new phone has an Apple A4 processor and 512 MB of eDRAM. This makes it much faster than the previous generation phones. The RAM of the phone is twice that of its direct predecessor and as much as four times that of the first generation iPhone.
This device 4 is available in colors black and white and there are both GSM and CDMA models of the phone.

New and Improved Build and Design!

As stated before, the iPhone 4 has been given a complete design overhaul. It is barrel 0.37 inches thin and there is no plastic on the phone's exterior. The standard silver bezel that was found on all the previous models has also been eliminated. The front as well as the back of the phone is all glass and Apple has insisted that this glass is "30 times harder than plastic". Also, the glass has been touted to be "comparable to the strength of sapphire crystal".
The two pieces of glass sandwich an aluminum strips and this wraps around the whole phone. The metal strip serves as an amazing antenna for Wi-Fi, 3G as well as Bluetooth. The signal and reception have also improved quite a lot thanks to this antenna.
The phone is powered by the Apple A4 chip. Designed by Intrinsity and made by Samsung the integrated circuit is made up of an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU. The stainless steel band the around all around the phone's edges, or the antenna, is one of the most innovative features of the handset. Users reported some problems with the reception initially but Apple has responded well to the issues and they have now been fixed.
On the front of the phone is the standard Apple 'Home' button. The biggest change is the front facing VGA camera. This camera is not as clear as the one on the rear but it is quite good. Around the device's outside, users will find easily accessible standby button, a new and improved microSIM card slot, a speaker, 2 microphones, two volume buttons, a silent toggle, a headphone jack and Apple's trademark 'click' lock button.

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The iPhone has a Super Display!

Manufactured by LG the display of the fourth generation iPhone has garnered pretty rave reviews. It has been developed under an exclusive contract that LG had with Apple. The new screen resolution is 960x640, which is much higher than all the previous Apple products. The 3.5-inch screen has been packed with as many as 326 pixels per inch, giving this phone what is termed as a 'retina display' (Apple's brand name for liquid crystal displays). This makes the display almost digital and everything is very crisp. The App Store is packed with applications that support the new resolution making them more detailed and interesting. With a contrast ratio of 800:1, the screen is marketed as one of the clearest around.
When the model was announced, many people hoped for a bigger screen but that did not happen. In order to make up for that, the display has been made clearer, crisper and much brighter. With iPhone's 'retina display', Apple claims that the phone's display has a high enough pixel density that as long as the human eye is at a regular viewing distance, users would not be able to notice pixelation

FaceTime - The Most Exiting Feature!

FaceTime, Apple's popular video calling software application, was reserved for Mac and iMac alone but for the first time ever, the feature has been integrated into the iPhone. This has been made possible due to the presence of a front-facing camera. With the inclusion of the front camera, Apple fused FaceTime int this iPhone , making it the first Apple smartphone to support FaceTime.
FaceTime is being touted as the most interesting and useful feature of this phone. As long as users are within the vicinity of a Wi-Fi connection, they can use the phone to make and receive video calls. The front VGA camera makes video calling possible even when the Internet connection is not very strong. The picture quality is not as good as one would find on a megapixel camera but it is not something that can be considered essentially 'bad'.

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Will It Appeal to Everyone?

As is the case with all smartphones and gadgets, this device will not easily appeal to everyone, especially since it is priced pretty high. For hardcore Apple lovers and gadget freaks, the fourth generation iPhone is quite a feast. The improved features and functions coupled with a whole new look make this phone a must-have for lovers of Apple-products and smartphones. It does not limit itself to simple text, call and an occasional picture or two functions. There are various features of the phone that demand that price that the phone carries.
Users who are looking for a simple phone would not want to invest in this gadget but for those who want a features-laden smartphone, it is a good option. The cost of the phone increases when one gains access to the Apple App Store because quite a few applications are paid. All in all, if you are a gadget freak or Apple lover and want to invest in a phone that promises to be a good but, albeit at a high price, then you may want to get it.

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What is the iPhone 4 Price in Malaysia?

As is true for all Apple products, the price for this device is high, maybe even too high for some. Depending upon whether you choose a 16GB or 32 GB phone, you could be paying anywhere from $599 to $750 for a SIM free iPhone. The phone is available with contracts in various parts of the world and this could help you save quite some money. The plans, however, might not always appeal to you and in that case, buying a SIM free phone is a better option.
The iPhone 4 Malaysia has been basically available since its world launch. It first came to official Apple stores and major malls across the country. The phone has been available with contracts as well as SIM free. Is worth mentioning as well that this product is available with different feature variants like the Apple iPhone 4 8GB Black.
Technical Details
Network Standard 3G
Size 3.5"
Display Resolution 640 x 960 Pixels
Display Type LED
Operating System iOS 4
Processor Apple A4
Dimensions (WxHxD) 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
Camera Resolution 5 MP
Megapixels 2592
Battery Capacity 1420 mAh
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Weight 137 g