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Buy iPad Mini online: Best Prices available in Malaysia

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Since iPad was launched back in 2010, Apple has predominated the tablet world in terms of sales and favoritism. But despite this reason, other electronic companies are not backing down. Other tablets have since been launched, competing with the iPad in terms of size, utility and amazing features, at times besting, and at times being defeated by Apple. This time around, Apple again challenges the recently evolving trend in tablets. In November 2012, it has launched the iPad mini, a miniature version of their popular and amazing tablet as its name implies.
One of the restrictions that the iPad has faced was its size, portable-ness and weight. Because of these three features, the Ipad is mostly utilized indoors. The newly launched Ipad mini aims to surpass these restrictions and enable the Ipad to be utilized outside the home or office. It also aims to compete with the other 7 inch tablets released by Google and Amazon.

iPad Mini

What are its physical characteristics?

The iPad mini has rounded corners and come in two colors: black & slate and white & silver.
The iPad mini has a 7.9 in screen, slightly larger than its competitors and it gives it the noticeable edge in screen area. It is thinner and lighter not only compared to the iPad but to its 7 in adversaries as well.

Let’s talk about specs!

iPad mini has a dual band Wi-fi, a common feature in the latest iPad models. The front and rear cameras allow clear, sharp picture and video taking even in a not so lighted room with the added face recognition feature. Also present in its photo/video features are the Shared Photo Streams and basic editing.
The iPad mini’s processor is nothing new, the A5 chip, but it can still compete and can challenge other seemingly more modern processors of other 7 in tablets. Its 4:3 display ratio allows a considerable wide viewing space. The LED back lit tablet has a 1024x768 resolution giving sharper, brighter colours that are not straining to the eye due to its compact screen. Storage options range from 16Gb (the most basic) to 64 Gb.
A headphone jack is also conveniently placed at the top to allow better handling while it is propped on the lap. Battery life is more commendable compared to the Ipad with retina display. It can go on stand by mode for days.

iPad Mini Display

The new iOS6

The iPad mini’s software is he iOS6, that which is seen also in iPad and the iPhone 5. One of the most common feature is the presence of Siri, the amazing voice assistant. Games and apps run well on the iPad mini like any other Mac, though it may understandably lack a little in speed compared to its larger predecessor, the Ipad.

How much is it worth?

In Malaysia, iPad mini from the Apple store online sells for RM 999. This is with the 16Gb storage. Doubling the storage increases the price by about RM 300. Comparing to other Asian countries, the iPad mini sells at RM 1121 in Singapore, RM 1340 in the Philippines, RM 1222 in India for the 16Gb. Doubling the storage and adding on other features an cost up to RM 25 in Singapore, RM 560 in India and RM 235 in the Philippines. Seeing these numbers, it is still cheaper to get an Ipad mini in Malaysia than in anywhere else in Asia.
In North America, the Ipad mini sells for RM 1000 while in the European countries, you could get an Ipad mini for RM 1300. As in other countries, upgrading to higher storage means an additional payment of about RM 300 and RM 400 in the US and UK respectively.
With all the hype in this new Ipad, one would question, is the price worth it? Or is it just another Ipad? For the majority of the tech savvy consumers, the price is worth. It definitely has key advantages not only over its 7 in tablet competitors but with its parent Ipad as well. The convenience of handling a back pocket sized tablet and having all the features of an Ipad trumps over the price.

iPad Mini Picture Features

Pros and Cons

  • Thinner and lighter
  • Wider screen 7.9 inch
  • Crystal clear screen
  • Good resolution
  • Dual camera
  • Good points:

  • Not cheap
  • No SD card slot for added storage
  • Can only type on screen keyboard using one hand

Specifications / Details
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