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Ever since it was founded in 1979, the Taiwanese company Acer has been renowned for its innovative and user friendly tablets, laptops, and smartphones. These Acer Smartphones are at the forefront of contemporary developments in mobile technology. Touch screens, a variety of apps and functions, and the versatility that comes from having an inbuilt camera ensures that all of these smartphones from Acer are top of the range items.

Acer Liquid E3

Acer Smartphones feature dual sim, slimline designs, and many other great specs

Acer has created a great range of smartphones, and perhaps its most famous series of recent years is the Acer Liquid series of smartphones. Smartphones by Acer often come with dual sim capabilities, which enables you to break down the boundaries between networks and to make the most of the best features of a variety of different network providers. However, this brand also creates sim free smartphones, for an even more exciting experience. Smartphones by Acer are typically slim and light weight, which makes them very easy to carry around. An Acer smartphone is thus ideal for busy commuters! Like Acer Laptops, smartphones from this brand are versatile and adaptable. Wifi functions, GPS technology, high definitions screens, and the ability to multitask thanks to powerful processors are also staple features of phones from this brand. The cameras on these smartphones are typically so powerful and sharp that they rival many of the similarly sized digital cameras on the market. So they are very versatile, and mean that you only need to pack one device when you go on holiday.

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