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Iconia Series

Acer Tablets: Bringing Technology Wherever You Go

It is the brand's mission to break barriers between its consumers and technology. They are known for manufacturing laptops, desktop PC, projectors, servers and storage, LCD monitors, tablets, and most recently smartphones that are not only innovative and advanced but are also very affordable. Established in 1976, Acer has come a long way. Evolving from manufacturing PC components to marketing its brand-name IT products around the world.

Known more for their bestselling Acer laptops, PCs, monitors, and projectors, the brand is slowly expanding its mobile computing repertoire. They first launched their Iconia line of slates in 2010 and the line is now one of the more popular line of budget friendly Acer tablets in the market. They come with premium specifications amidst their affordable price tags and are capable of delivering performance that is almost the same if not exactly the same as some of the more expensive brands such as Samsung's Note series. They may not be as durable or waterproof like Sony's Xperia tabs, but they do come covered in Corning's Gorilla Glass making their often full HD displays scratch proof and shock resistant. Unlike other tablet makers, Acer limits their line to two, one for Android running models and one for Windows 8, 8.1 and above running devices.

One Acer line: Android Powered Iconia Tabs

The biggest slate line of the brand, this range is designed to provide an immersive entertainment experience and productivity in one very portable and sometimes colorful package. Products in this line comes in different sizes ranging from a 7 inch slate to a 10 inch tab that is capable of delivering ultra-realistic visuals with cinema sound. The bigger sized models will let you enjoy realistic and lifelike stereo sound from two built-in speakers, while Dolby Digital Plus delivers a surround-sound experience, whether you are using headphones, through external speakers, or just by using the built-in speakers. These features enhance dialogue intelligibility, reduce background noise, and maximize volume when watching movies or playing mobile games. Their HD displays come with Zero Air Gap IPS technology, which makes them delivers exceptional detail, superb contrast and sharpness from wide and varying viewing angles, and improves readability even under intense lighting conditions. Their screens and backplates are coated in anti-fingerprint technology and are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

Depending on the specific model, devices in this range come in a variety of colors with the entry level models geared towards the young crowd come in rich, vibrant colors. Most tablet models under this series come with micro HDMI port and wireless display capability, which will aid you in sharing photos, videos, and other files on a bigger screen. Aside from having impressive hardware, this line's devices also come with powerful Intel and MediaTek processors making them more than capable of multitasking (juggle productivity apps with social networking and mobile photography), streaming HD videos, and even mobile gaming.

The Aspire Switch and Windows Powered Iconia

Acer understands your needs for more productive mobile computing devices and their Windows running line of tablets fills this gap perfectly. Acer's tablet Aspire series of 2-in-1 notebook and tablet line used to be the sole range operating on Microsoft's OS and running its various suites, but its popularity prompted Acer to release some models under their Iconia line running the productivity oriented OS. Models running this OS are ideal for both work and play. They also come with a lot of Microsoft perks such as a one-year complimentary Microsoft Office 365 Personal for full-access productivity essential applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Due to their heavy emphasis on productivity, these tablets comes with quad-core Intel Atom processors, HD display with IPS technology, and all the ports you need to connect them to projectors, computers, printers, and many more. Though packed with powerful specs, these devices are very slim, very light, and with a very long battery life. Their design, though simple, combines trendy aesthetics with tactile patterns for a premium finish. Their displays are usually wide (at least 10 inch) but their bezels are so slim making carrying them everywhere very easy. These Acer tablets come with slim and lightweight Crunch detachable keyboards that are easy to slip into a bag and carry around. They also feature full-size keyboard for fast typing and a Windows home button for quick access to the Metro mode. The Aspire line sports a fan-less design that makes its devices very quiet, while further reducing power consumption. Though positioned as productivity oriented, these devices also makes for excellent entertainment and mobile gaming companion.

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